Writing A Book

Have you ever thought about writing a book? Generally, musicians are very literate persons who know how to turn a phrase, musical or literary. The book may be a textbook on learning to play the instrument you’re already an expert on, or it can be about any number of other musical subjects. It may even be a biography of one of your teachers.

You already have a computer and it probably has a word processor. That already places you a quantum leap ahead of the days when one had to write it on paper in longhand or type it on a typewriter.

It can be worked on in your spare time and at your own pace. It can be easily illustrated with a digital camera whose images you can download into your computer. So, if you’re already known as something of an authority on your instrument, you’ve got a head start on your book.

Once you develop an idea for a book and have decided on an outline, sit down at your computer, open up your word processor, and start keying in your text. When you’re finished, make a file of the entire text and copy it onto a disk.

Getting a publisher for your book is the next step. Getting scores of rejection letters from publishers you’ve queried is depressing, to say the least! But, we’re living in the electronic age! We can publish our own books or get a company that specializes in producing books to do that for us. There are a number of such companies, including the company that produced the autobiographical book I wrote in 2002.

For a reasonable fee, they will design a cover, format everything you’ve written into the proper form, and have the ability to print copies “on demand.” It is no longer necessary to stockpile a number of your books, which was an expensive thing to do. The company has the equipment to reproduce your entire book, cover and all, from an electronic file. That means they don’t even have to print any books until they are ordered and paid for!

Their fee even includes listing your book with a large distributor that supplies all the brick and mortar bookstores. That means it will be in a catalog from which booksellers order their books.

Of course, there are many books published every year. So how are you going to get potential readers to distinguish your book from all the others on the same or similar subject? In fact, how are you going to even let them know that your book exists?

In a word, it is “marketing.” Book marketing used to be an expensive proposition. But that was in the days before the advent of the World Wide Web. You can build your own website to market your book to the world. You’re looking at my website right now, one I built all by myself.

Hey -- I’m no computer geek, not by a long shot. And I’ve been out of school for a very long time. There is a bit of a learning curve involved. But, with the software that I used, and the on-line instruction I received, I was able to put this website together in my spare-time. And so can you! More about that later.

Once your book is on the market and begins to sell, you’ll be paid a royalty, which is a percentage of the price at which your book sells. You will be the copyright owner of your book and have all the rights that copyright provides. Primarily, that is the right to prevent anyone else from using your title, content and reproductive rights that you will own for a very long time.

A textbook I wrote back in 1963 has become a classic in its field and has been in continuous use and publication ever since. It has been read and used by thousands of students all over the world. It is not a large book, but one that many found very useful.

As you can see, writing a book can provide you with another stream of income. When enough streams are joined together, they can provide you with a livelihood you could only dream about when you were a student.

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