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Henry Fogel (then President of Chicago Symphony Orchestra Assn.), Sam Denov and Sir Georg Solti in the Maestro's dressing room following the presentation of the Theodore Thomas Medallion for Distinguished Service to the Chicago Chicago Symphony Orchestra to Denov, October 5, 1985 on the occasion of Sam Denov's retirement.

This web site is the resource where you can fulfill your professional needs. Nearly everything you will ever need to make your life as a professional musician successful can be found here. All you have to add is your talent, ability, study and practice! You can rely on what Musicians Professional Resource recommends because we’ve been there, done that!

These are our resources. You’re going to be able to read interviews of musicians who have fabulously successful careers and learn how they achieved their goals. Their stories will inspire and educate you! There will also be plenty of solid advice as well.

Remember! Life, both professional and personal, is always full of choices. The decisions we make determine whether or not we achieve personal and financial success. Because we have but one life to live, mistakes can be costly. Making the right choices and being prepared to seize opportunities when they present themselves, in large measure, will determine whether we become successful.

So, stay with us. As we continue to build this web site, you will find more and more resources here. Reliable, dependable resources.

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