Performing As A Professional Choice

Performing is the choice of many musicians. That was what most of us wanted to do when we first began studying our musical instrument of choice. Perhaps we began studying either in grade school or middle school. By the time we reached high school, we were already fairly proficient performers.

Compared to our choices in school, professional musicians have a much wider choice of outlets. The ultimate choice for the very best among us is to become a soloist. Solo careers may gravitate into many different outlets for our talent.

Solo careers often begin by entering and winning as many prestigious contests as we can. We may also seek advanced academic degrees on scholarship. Attending some of the finest American schools of music such as Juilliard in New York City, Curtis Institute in Philadelphia, Eastman in Rochester, New York or Indiana University in Bloomington is definitely helpful.

Seizing every opportunity to perform as a soloist that presents itself is the means used by many successful artists to launch their careers. Performing solo recitals is where concert artists really have a chance to shine. By all means, preserving every critic’s press review to build a stunning résumé is extremely helpful. The help of a well-reputed concert agent to handle your bookings is the route to take after you begin to build an enviable reputation.

Obviously, not all of us will want a solo career even if it was within our reach. Many of us will choose a career of free-lancing either as a classical or pop musician. By exposing ourselves to opportunities that may arise through networking with other musicians, we will build a reputation over time. Never treat your career as a hobby if you really want to succeed. Keeping dates you make and arriving at the engagement site early enough to set-up and warm-up will go a long way toward establishing yourself as a dependable professional.

Marketing one’s self by the use of the Internet has now become an economical and potent means. Many musicians have their very own website these days. If your name is unique, you may even use your own name as the address of the website, such as or something similar. Click on the Resources button of this website to learn more on this subject.

There are also many opportunities for steady employment in musical theaters, opera orchestras, and those performing for ballet companies, both residential and traveling.

Many classically trained performers will concentrate upon joining the ranks of the nation’s top symphony orchestras. The top orchestras in the United States currently have a minimum starting salary in the six figures and include excellent fringe benefits. Entry is usually by means of competitive open auditions. Learn more about the audition process by clicking on the Auditions button in this website.

Regardless of which field you enter as a performer, you can arrange your schedule to accommodate students who will want to study with you. The more successful you become as a performer, the more students will want to study with you.