Military Musician Opportunities

Military musicians hold a special status in our Armed Forces. Even before World War II, a career as a musician in the U.S. Armed Forces represented a career opportunity well worth considering.

The U.S. Navy had established a School of Music in Washington, D.C. to train musicians for assignment as Band members in its fleet and foreign shore stations even before World War II. That school is now located in Norfolk,Virginia, where it now trains musicians for all branches of our armed services other than the U.S. Air Force.

In addition, each of the Armed Forces maintains a full concert band of career musicians with their own unique uniforms. Each of those bands contain some members who double on stringed instruments as well as band instruments. Those concert bands are elite members of the service they represent. In recognition of musicians’ value in the military, a service musician may now advance into the ranks of its commissioned officers. Entering the service with a college degree in Music is definitely an advantage.

Deciding upon this career choice, however, is limited by age. An applicant must pass both a physical examination and an audition before being accepted into the music program. They must also undergo basic military training. Military bands play a variety of musical styles and often are on tour. However, the elite Service Bands are permanently stationed in a single location.

The benefits and security of military musicians is truly excellent. Food, shelter and uniforms are provided along with comprehensive medical care and other benefits. Retirement with a pension is available after as little as 20 consecutive years of service.

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