Clinic Presentations As An Income Source

Doing Clinics and/or Master Classes can add another significant income stream to your musical profession. Musicians who are fairly well known have an opportunity to be sponsored by one or several musical instrument manufacturers.

Manufacturers are always looking for endorsees whose use of their particular musical products can be promoted by their sponsorship of your presentation. They advertise the fact that you use and endorse their products because they believe it helps promote their branded products. When a well known musician uses a particular brand of equipment, other musicians who are not as well known may also choose to use that product for a number of reasons. These may include getting an edge on their sound or because they want to emulate a particular musician whom they admire.

Becoming an endorsee may have a number of benefits. The manufacturer may provide you with their products at no charge or at a greatly reduced price. But, even more important than the freebies or discounts is the chance that they may also sponsor you as a clinician.

As a clinician, many colleges or universities may invite you to present a clinic or master class to their students. You may also have the opportunity to present your clinic at large musical instrument dealers and at conventions of educators or of musical equipment such as those given by the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) or the Midwest National Band & Orchestra Clinic.

You will not only be publicized, but you will be paid a fee with all of your accompanying expenses being reimbursed. In addition, every such quality appearance will add to your reputation and prestige and further increase your income opportunities.

As an example, I was initially asked by the Zildjian Company to present a clinic at the University of Michigan back in the late 1950’s. That first successful clinic led to many similar clinics all over the United States. Many other opportunities also were opened to me. I was asked to write a text book on performance, to appear in educational films and later in educational video productions. In addition, all the cymbals I owned from that time forward were furnished to me at no charge. To say that doing clinics opened up a world of opportunities would be an incredible understatement.