Learning How To Become Successful Professional Musicians

Welcome to the Musicians Professional Resource website. It is all about professional musicians and will be hosted by Sam Denov, one of America's most renowned and experienced musicians.

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This website is a learning process in which you will be shown how to use your talent, abilities and resources to maximize your earning abilities. Learn what successful musicians do to turn their choice for a livelihood into an income stream that realizes its full potential.

Being successful means that you know how to capitalize on your innate talents, education and experience and turn them into a life-long income. Here you'll learn how to avoid the rocks and shoals that inevitably turn up in everyone's professional life.

Interviews with the top practitioners will be a regular feature of this website. Our first interview is with Danny Gottlieb, world-famous drummer with the original Pat Metheny Group, who has worked with many of the most famous names in the music business for many years. You can read Danny's story on our Interviews page.

Our second interview is with Joseph Golan, one of Chicago's most successful and versatile violinists. Golan has done just about everything imaginable in the music field.

Our third interview is with Howard Levy, a musician without limits, who is not only a fantastic harmonica player, but is also the master of several other instruments. He can play in many genres, and was an original member of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones.

Hopefully, you'll bookmark this website and return to it often. Certainly, you will find one of our interviews that directly relates to a thread that you'll want to follow and perhaps emulate.

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There will be information about professional musicians as employees and independent contractors and what it means to work under union contracts known as collective bargaining agreements. In addition, you'll learn the audition process and how to prepare for it.

The best part of this website is that this information will not only educate you, but entertain you as well. And it's all FREE! At the bottom of each page, you will find a box in which you may submit a question or comment. Each of these messages are read and if necessary, responded to.

Nothing like this has ever been available to the public before. So take advantage of what you'll learn here to give you an edge in this very competitive profession. You'll never regret it!